The Corrective Health Institute:
Corrective Health Institute

Corrective Health Institute

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The Mission Statement:

The health care system is bankrupt, people are suffering and we need intelligent and workable solutions. The mission of the Corrective Health Institute (CHI) is to make excellent health care affordable again.

We strive to identify, validate and promote the use of “centsible” health remedies which, being non-patentable and therefore inexpensive, are neglected by doctors, hospitals and government purchasing officials – all of whom are unreasonably influenced by current for-profit marketing efforts by pharmaceutical companies. Correcting the actual imbalances which lead to disease and illness is more sensible than bankrupting ourselves by over-medicating. No one suffers from a deficiency of a synthetic, patented substance. The patent drugs work by insinuating themselves into our struggling biochemical pathway and creating a dependency. Why not, where possible, opt instead to correct the imbalance using the substances which are natural to our bodies but in which we suffer a deficiency? Corrective Health is “centisble” (being safe, effective and cost effective!) because it corrects the actual problems and restores health. Let’s end the suffering and allow everyone to enjoy a life brimming with optimal health.

CHI serves America and the world as follows:

  1. Identify, vet and describe “centsible” health remedies to the world via web based technology and yearly conferences attended by medical professionals, public health experts, government purchasers, hospital administrators, and lay consumers;
  2. Promote this knowledge to dispensers of care (the FDA, various government agencies -State and Federal – charged with purchasing health resources, hospital administrators, etc as well as to the media) who currently listen
  3. Our goal will to be lower health care costs on the state and federal level while improving health care outcomes. We will do this by shedding the suffocating monopoly which Big Pharma has on the present market wherein it promotes only highly profitable, on-patent remedies while demeaning off-label, inexpensive, decentralized options.
  4. Today the health care problem can be summarized as: “If the solution to a health care problem is not profitable, then there is no problem.” No longer will that conventional wisdom persist as the CHI promotes “centisible” remedies.