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Freedom of Choice for health care is a right which is evaporating due to persistent harassment and bias against holistic “corrective” medical doctors.

Is your medical board harassing you?

Read this before making any moves:






These lawyers are knowledgable and compassionate and willing to help you retain your right to freedom of choice as regards your health care.


Trusted legal support

  1. Michael McCormack, J.D. Seattle, Washington
  2. Michael Goldfarb, J.D.  Seattle, Washington
  3. Robert Meals, J.D. Seattle, Washington
  4. Ken Kagan, J.D. Seattle, Washington
  5. Gerry Tarutis, J.D. Seattle,Washington
  6. Rick Jaffe, J.D. Sacramento, California
  7. Jacques Simon, NYC, New York

Not Recommended

Michele Atkins, J.D. Seattle Washington

These lawyers have disappointed  of our members.